Dating But Waiting... The African American Couple's Guide to Celibacy (55 Proven Ways on How to Save That Special Moment for Your Special Day!)

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It may sound unusual, but millions of couples around the world are practicing celibacy - that is, they saving sex for marriage! The reasons vary. Some are Christians, some are Muslims, and some just want to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STDs.

But can it be done? Can a man and a woman who are dating really avoid having pre-marital sex. The answer is yes, and this book can help you do it!

It lists more than 50 proven ways on how to save that special moment for your special day, and it is truly everything that a celibate couple needs. Download this AMAZING e-book to your computer, smartphone or tablet now!

Readers will learn:

* Why group dating is a good idea
* What types of situations to avoid
* How to encourage and support each other
* Why you shouldn't sleep at each other's house
* Why you should avoid provocate or revealing dressing
* How to not give up or give in
* Why it's worth it to wait until you are married
* and much more!

Why this book is so different:
This e-book is very unconventional because casual sex is so prevalent. It’s as if people no longer have any regard for the values of abstinence and saving that special moment for your wedding night. There are very books on the market about abstinence and celibacy while dating.

So get your copy now, and enjoy your journey of being different, virtuous, and reaping the benefits that come along with it!


NOTE: This book is an ELECTRONIC BOOK ONLY available for download; It is NOT available in print!

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