I Believed Him... Until I Finally Caught Him Lying (Using These 10 Amazing Lie Detection Techniques)

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This e-book teaches women (and men) how to know when people are lying. It features simple, proven, and easy-to-use techniques to find out if your partner is cheating, if your child is lying about something, and/or if your friends are really...well, your friends!

It's a must-have guide if the people in your life don't seem to be trustworthy. Download it to your computer, smartphone or tablet now!

Readers will learn:

* Effective lie detection techniques used by law enforcement agencies, attorneys and other truth seeking professionals
* How to approach your suspect
* How to pretend you believe your suspect to get them to provide more information
* What body language and facial expressions to look for
* Whether or not the eyes are windows to the truth

Also included in the ebook:

* The myths and misunderstandings that surround lie detection
* The types of liars and degrees of lying
* The truth about polygraph tests
* How to check yourself before you begin to question someone you think may be lying
* The top nationwide private investigation firms

Truth and lies are at the core of all our relationships: parents and children, wives and husbands, employers and employees and law enforcement officials and criminals. Get this e-book, and find out the truth today!


NOTE: This book is an ELECTRONIC BOOK ONLY available for download; It is NOT available in print!

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