Boy, Get a Job! 57 Tips for Single Moms to Help Your Teen Get a Job… and Stay Off the Streets

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African American UNEMPLOYMENT is very high, especially among teenagers. Sadly, most of these unemployed teens resort to DRUGS, VIOLENCE, and/or joining a GANG.

This e-book was written by Sherron A. Stevens, a 20-year old African American college student, who even at his young age, has found huge success in getting jobs and internships. He is also the son of a single mom.

He says he wrote this book to help single mothers to help their children STAY OFF THE STREETS, and get (and keep) any job or internship they apply for!

The 57 amazing tips and guidelines in this book are personal strategies that he has learned from his mom, and from his own life experiences, and he hopes that thousands of others will benefit from these guidelines.

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This book features guaranteed:

* Proven strategies on how to prepare your teen for a job or internship search
* Proven strategies on how to create a killer resume
* Proven strategies on what to do (and not do) when completing a job application
* Proven strategies on how to help him/her MASTER THE INTERVIEW
* Proven strategies on how to encourage him/her keep their job
* Proven strategies on how to help him/her GET PROMOTED to a better position
* Proven strategies on how to help him/her improve their customer support and dealings with others
* Proven strategies on how to help him/her turn their first job into a stepping stone for a LIFE-TIME CAREER

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