Eat to Live, Don't Live to Eat! The African American Guide to Vegetarian Food and Cooking

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Many African Americans have chosen to become vegetarians, and while each person’s reason why may vary, usually all have the same common goal of living a healthier lifestyle. This e-book was written as a guide for both existing vegetarians, and those who are interested in become one.

Readers will learn:

* The History of Vegetarianism
* The Types of Vegetarians
* The Various Levels of Vegan Strictness
* The Health Benefits of Being Vegan
* How Being Vegan Helps Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
How Being Vegan Helps Prevent Hypertension
* How Being Vegan Helps Prevent Diabetes
* How Being Vegan Helps Prevent Cancer
* How to Plan a Vegetarian Diet
* How to Make up For Protein and Calcium Deficiencies
* Supermarket Shopping Tips
* How to Properly Cook Vegetables Common in Vegetarian Cuisine
* Being Vegan When Pregnant
* Vegetarian Benefits for Children
* Vegetarian Benefits for the Elderly

Try something new:

Being a vegetarian does not have to mean that your food has to be bland and boring! Today, more and more recipes are coming out that makes vegetarian cuisine fresh, vibrant, and exciting.

The days of being a vegetarian and sitting down to a salad and a bowl of rice are no longer necessary. So if you are thinking about becoming a vegan, buy this e-book and get started today!


NOTE: This book is an ELECTRONIC BOOK ONLY available for download; It is NOT available in print!

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