About Us

Dante Lee, founder of Urban Ebooks

Urban Ebooks or UrbanEbooks.com, based in Columbus, Ohio and founded by award-winning entrepreneur Dante Lee, is the newest publisher of books for African American readers. We released 22 new books in our first six weeks!

Our goal is to publish affordable and powerful "urban ebooks" - that is, ebooks that empower African Americans and other minorities. All of our books cost just $4.99 or less, and are available for immediate download.

Various topics and a different agenda

Our published books cover various topics from relationship advice, motivational advice, health advice, funding information for women, a scholarship directory for Black students, and even several directories with Black women-owned businesses. 

    Lee, who is 36-years old and best known as the founder of BlackNews.com and BlackPR.com, comments, "The term 'urban ebooks' means different things to different people, and it is actually one of the fastest growing categories in the publishing industry. However, our urban ebooks are a bit different; They are 100% educational and empowering. We have decided to only create and publish books that are useful resources to our readers. We do not publish any urban fiction or street fiction titles!" 

    So what's next?

    We will continue to release new titles every few months, and the next few titles will focus on business and entrepreneurship. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at support@diversitycity.com