Grow Your Own Food! The African American Do-It-Your-Self Guide to Starting Your Very Own Organic Garden

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This amazing e-book teaches African American men, women, children and families how to grow their own organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices (like tumeric, ginger, and peppers)!

Home gardening is at an all-time high in America today. In fact, in the United States, 8 out of 10 households take part in some sort of home gardening activity.

As a result, more and more African Americans are taking interest in their health and also growing their own organic food, that is, food without pesticides, chemicals and other harmful toxins. Some are growing it in their backyard, and others on their balconies, and the black community especially seems to take interest in growing their own herbs and vegetables!

This e-book teaches you:

* How to get started with your own personal garden
* How to do container gardening in small spaces
* How to grow organic fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs
* How to choose the best location for your garden
* How to use "green watering" techniques
* What tools are needed, and where to get them
* How to make your own compost and home-made, non-toxic pesticides
* Why organic gardening is so important
* and the top online resources for African American gardeners


NOTE: This book is an ELECTRONIC BOOK ONLY available for download; It is NOT available in print!

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