Real Talk at the Hair Salon (101 Motivational Lessons For African American Women and Girls)

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The hair salon in the African American community has long been, not just a place where Black women get their hair styled, listen to music and tell jokes, but also a place where Black women talk and discuss their personal issues with each other.

It’s called “real talk” and the topics of conversation can vary from relationship problems to family problems to financial problems to sometimes even health problems.

This book features 101 amazing motivational lessons and techniques for both African American women and girls on how to be more successful in life. Download this POWERFUL 66-page e-book to your computer, smartphone or tablet now!

Readers will learn:

* How to know what you want to achieve
* How to determine the steps to reach your goal
* How to create a plan that works
* How to make success your personal responsibility
* Why persistence works
* Why you should put your goals in writing
* How to ask for help
* How to get organized
* How to avoid procrastination
* How to stay positive
* How to stay hungry
* How to face your fears
* Why you should keep a daily journal
* How to be motivated by others
* How to learn from your mistakes
* How to create more than just a resolution
* and much, much more!


This book was specifically published for African American women and girls to give them tips they can use to help pull themselves out of a slump before it gains momentum. Readers will be trained how to improve and maintain motivation!


NOTE: This book is an ELECTRONIC BOOK ONLY available for download; It is NOT available in print!

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